Apr 08

Tiffany launched a daily series

Tiffany seems to try to become more “civilian” to save its sluggish performance and get more young consumers. The company’s “Everyday Collection” series, which was officially launched in November 1st, includes coffee cups, coffee cans, and “bird’s nest” products.

“Everyday Collection” series by the group’s new chief Art Officer Reed Krakoff knife, he was new in February this year, replacing the job group for nearly 4 years but a mediocre design director of the Francesca Amfitheatrof.

The series is also the first major product action of the US jewelry group after replacing all core management layers. The Tiffany group had also replaced the CEO and chairman, and the 64 year old Roger Farah took over Michael Kowalski as the chairman of the group since October 2nd, while Diesel SpA CEO served as the Group CEO on the same day, replacing Frederic Cumenal, which was suddenly dismissed in February 6th.

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