Apr 08

Tiffany does not only produce jewelry

Speaking of the name Tiffany Tiffany, it is thought to be the most recent reddish cafe, and may remember the price pin that triggered a social media frenzy, or a key design that has always been popular.

But in fact, Tiffany has never been a simple jeweler. Especially recently, Tiffany’s new Metro series wristwatch, East West series wristwatches, and to celebrate the brand 180th anniversary, also made the first square meter, with a global limit of 180.

In fact, as long as you know, Tiffany was a big dealer. When he sold a lot of their own brands and other brands of watches, they probably knew its status. After all, it was able to maintain a good relationship with Patek Philippe in history and be able to make a “double standard” watch (that is, there are Patek Philippe and TIFF on the surface of the hand table. ” There are not many dealers in Nei’s logo.

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