Apr 08

The great spirit of the American Jewelry from Tiffany

Tiffany has always been a brand of creating a story for himself. Unlike Cartire, at first it was just a small stationery store, but Charles Luis Tiffany had great ideals and ambitions, hoping that Tiffany could become a world – class brand. At that time, the Royal royalty brand of the European Court was the mainstream of the society, like Cartire’s “emperor’s jeweler and jeweller’s emperor”. Tiffany wants to stand out and develop jewelry market and promote brand.

The world’s largest and best quality yellow diamond was picked up in 1877 in Kimberley, South Africa, and it was purchased by Charles for 18000 dollars every other year. Under the guidance of Dr. George Pons, a famous gemologist of Tiffany, the craftsmen have worked and ponder more than 10 diamonds, the largest of which weighs 128.51 carats, and is named “Tiffany Diamond”. The diamond is a very bright golden yellowish yellow, round, 28.50 millimeter, 27 millimeter, and 22.22 milli. Rice has 90 facets, golden and precious. Relying on this precious treasure drill, Mr. Tiffany not only gained the fame of “diamond king” but also solidified his brand in the gem world.

It is worth mentioning that Tiffany’s unique perspective on the value of jewels and a great relationship with a person. He just mentioned George Frederick Pons (George Frederick Kunz) in his article. He gained a solid foundation of gemological merit by studying himself and studying minerals, and for Tiffany customers all over the world. In search of unparalleled supernatural stones, of course, Tiffany, who was only 23 years old, entered the top of Tiffany’s George.

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