Apr 08

The development of Chinese local jewelry brand

The age of consumption upgrade, the local brand development? According to Mckinsey report, since 2003, the global branding rate has increased year by year, and it is expected to reach 30%-40% level in 2020. According to the herm group, the luxury consumption of China’s upper middle, rich and wealthy classes will reach 1 trillion and 180 billion yuan in 2025, and 64% of the young consumers are willing to increase their spending on luxury goods. In the context of increasing consumption awareness and international luxury brands and advancing into the Asia Pacific region, local brands need to think about their development path.

Through the exploration of local experience tiffany jewelry brand transition path. To sum up Tiffany’s development process, we think the following three elements are valuable support for jewelry luxury brand: the first element is brand history.

Tiffany has 180 years of brand history, the Royal brand, Tiffany blue, small blue book, yellow diamond and other historical elements help them to form a rich historical and cultural background. The second element: excellent quality. Tiffany used the five criteria to evaluate the diamond grade, and the strict quality standard has won the trust of consumers. The third elements:

Mission Runway。 Throughout the world, every luxury brand has been sold well and its design ideas are emerging.

Therefore, we believe that the brand pillars of historical culture and excellent quality, with the continuous emergence of hot selling items, have achieved the top jewelry luxury brands that can still maintain stable valuations through the wind and rain.

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